Safe Access

Safe Access is a collaborative project between Queer Kernow CIC and Cornwall Museums Partnership. 

Safe Access: Promoting Wellbeing for Diverse Researchers is a project which aims to further understand the representation burden that marginalised people face when working with museums, and how we can better protect colleagues in the future. 

We know this work is necessary for the museums sector and will create change both in Cornwall and throughout the UK. We will be talking to marginalised people who have worked on projects with heritage institutions about their experiences, centering this research on the voices of lived experience and the project is entirely run by those with lived experience. 

Our aim is to ensure that heritage organisations create safe and healthy cultures for their workers, especially those from marginalised backgrounds, and including freelancers. The result of this work will inform routes for developing tools to support the creation of inclusive workplaces. 

For more information about the Safe Access project and its findings, click here